The legend says that in the XIX century, Fermin Mundaca, a well known and vicious pirate that made a fortune by selling slaves, arrived to Isla Mujeres seeking shelter. He liked it so much that he permanently stayed. He was a very obscure and rough man and isolated himself in his domains.

One day he saw her, with her dark skin and black hair, the ruthless pirate fell in love with a local beautiful woman that despise him. He built a great Hacienda with beautiful gardens just to impress her but she only felt repulsión for that man that use to sell people.

Mundaca recluse himself in his Hacienda after been constantly rejected by this woman and one day he just vanished, no one ever saw him again.

“La Trigueña” which was how the locals call this woman, made her family and her descendants still live in Isla Mujeres where today, people can visit Mundaca’s Hacienda and hear this and other legends from the locals.

“La Trigueña” Legends from Isla Mujeres