Ixchel is well known for been the Mayan Goddess of fertility, medicine, arts and the moon, among other things, but the legend says that she was a woman that suffered the lost of her loved one during a duel and that seal her destiny forever.

When Gods possesed their human form, Ixchel was a beautiful woman that captivated many men, Itzamna was one of them, he inmediatly fell in love with her. They started a beautiful romance, however Ixtab, Ixchel’s sister, made Itzama fight to death against another man that was also in love with her.

Itzamna was the favorite but during the fight for Ixchel, the manu sed a knife and atacked Itzamna killing him almost inmediatly, Ixchel was devastated and she couldn’t live with it, she took her own life right there entrusting her soul to her sister, Ixtab.

Ixtab cursed the man that killed Itzamna forever and, fulfilling her dying sister’s wishes, she took her soul, by doing this she became the Mayan Goddess of suicide.
Reunited in heaven, the eternal lovers celebrated their love, Itzamana became the Sun God and Ixchel the Moon Goddess.

Ixchel, the Goddess legend