The ancient temple of Ixchel, honoring the Mayan goddess of fertility, medicine, and the moon among other things, is located at the southern tip of Isla Mujeres, and it used to be a lighthouse for the ancient Mayans since it’s the highest point in the whole Yucatan Peninsula.

Also, El Meco ruins, which is located in the continental part of Isla Mujeres, was a small but influential city in pre-Columbian times. Its original name is uncertain, “El Meco” was the nickname for a local resident in the XIX century, he use to take care of the ranch next to the ruins, and this nickname refers to an anomaly on his legs.

Both sites can be visited today and they are proud representatives of the Mayan culture, if you visit Isla Mujeres don’t forget to take the Golf Cart to Ixchel Temple and for El Meco, it is reachable from Cancun in a cab.

Mayan Ruins in Isla Mujeres