Things to know about  ISLA MUJERES

Isla Mujeres or “Island of women” is a mexican island located in the MEXICAN CARIBBEAN. It is a small island approximately 8 miles away from CANCUN and roughly 6 miles long and ½ mile wide at its widest point. Isla Mujeres is a well known destination because of its crystal clear beaches perfect for snorkeling. Besides snorkeling it also has a lot of different attractions for all kind of visitors.

It’s location is also privileged right in the middle of the mexican caribbean’s cristal turquoise waters and 30 minutes away from Cancun by boat, makes it a most in your next visit to Cancun, Playa del Carmen or the Mayan Riviera.

The island itself was originally formed by marine currents depositing sediment in a small area, this is why Isla Mujeres is mostly flat and with a lot of sand.

Isla Mujeres has no comercial airport but you can easily arrive to the island landing in Cancun International Airport and taking a van to the ferry terminal in Puerto Juarez to cross to the island, Passenger ferries leave every 30 minutes from 6 am until 11 pm everyday.

Taxis are available in Isla Mujeres but the most traditional way to move around are golf carts and mopeds, golf carts are the most popular and it is common to see caravans of this filled with tourist driving around the island.

A lot of ancient mayan vestiges have been found all over the island been the most representative the Ixchel temple, located in the island’s southern tip or “south point” as it’s known by the locals, Ixhel was, among other things, the goddess of the moon, fertility, water, love and medicine, all vestiges indicates that Isla Mujeres was not an inhabited village but a sanctuary dedicated to this mayan goddess.

Sea turtles are natural inhabitants of the island and its surroundings, each summer they lay their eggs on Isla Mujeres beaches, there is also a turtle farm that breeds turtles and help collect turtle eggs to protect them until they hatch. It is open to the public and one of Isla Mujeres attractions.

Each summer, the world’s biggest fish, the whale shark arrive to the warm waters near Isla Mujeres to fed, during this months is when the whale shark season is open and tours are available to snorkel beside this gentle giants.

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