Isla Mujeres is located in the Caribbean, very close to the Yucatan Peninsula, southeast of Mexico. The island along with some continental land constitutes one of the 11 municipalities in which the state of Quintana Roo is divided and it is located exactly 13 kms or 8.1 miles away from Cancun, the most important tourist destination in Mexico. The island itself is some 7 kms or 4.3 miles long and 650 meters wide, to the east is the Caribbean sea with its strong surf and rocky coast, and to the west Cancun’s skyline across crystal clear turquoise waters.

The island is divided in three parts, North point, the town and South point. North point is where we can find what is considered to be one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, Playa Norte beach, a pool like beach with crystal clear low depth waters, Isla Mujeres downtown is also located north, the town itself is considered to be a “Pueblo Magico” spanish for magic town because of its cultural richness, natural beauty, folklore, traditions and great hospitality. IN the town we will find Makax Lagoon which is an area for boat shelter and marinas and also this is the part where most of the people live, and then we have the South Point, the most elevated point of the island and where we can find hotels, houses and the Ixchel temple.

Keywords: Isla Mujeres, North Point, Playa Norte, Magic Town, South point.